Agent Outlier Management

Industry: Media & Entertainment

About Client: Our Client is one of the largest broadcasting company based out of USA. It provides satellite radio and online radio services in the united states.

Business problem

The client is managing over 12,000 contact center workforce to support their customer support and sales department. The client sells its products on a subscription basis; end-customers reach out to the contact center to upgrade or discontinue the subscriptions.

Retaining a customer is one of the important KPI for Vendors, however it was observed that some of the agents/vendor partners are using wrong practices to retain the customers.

The Client was facing the following challenge:

  • Bringing transparency and enforce accountability into agent actions.


Client utilized Netlink’s Lumenore based Agent Outlier Management solution that helped them to:

  • Define outlier scenarios
  • Identify outlier scenarios
  • Assign & take actions against each outlier scenario
  • Track the progress of issue resolution

Following are the key components of the solution:

  • Integration: The data is ingested from multiple source systems namely CRM, Surveys and CallMiner via Lumenore Connect
  • Outlier Configuration and Identification:
  • Configure business logic for outlier identification
  • Machine learning based data analysis for outlier identification against predefined business logic
  • Automated assignment of outliers to respective vendors
  • Automated follow-up and notifications for open issues
  • SLA management
  • Dashboard: All the key performance indicators are summarized and an index value is generated based on predefined business logic
  • Role based access: Provide access to the data as per the user persona (Supervisor, Manager and Vendor partner)
  • Voice driven instant insights using Alexa and Google Home from enterprise database
  • AI driven natural language querying and visualization generation using Ask Me module. It is customizable based on user preference and language
  • Hidden insights using advance data discovery module ‘Do you know’ – Anomaly and outlier detection, Trend analysis and prediction

Business value

  • Correction in the agent behavior led to the improvement in the following:
  • Reduction in inappropriate cross-sell/up-sell
  • Reduction in call hang-up scenarios
  • Reduction in call transfer rate
  • With the help of this solution, one of our customers was able to audit, identify & close 70,000+ outliers in the last 12 months.